Monday, 16 November 2015

A-Z, little ol' me. (Part one)

As inspired by Alphabet aerobics, I thought I'd introduce myself a little differently. I'm new to this whole 'public blogging' thing, as my old account was completely anonymous, so I'm doing things a little differently now and diving straight into the deep end.

A. Alex.
It seams fitting to open my new Blog with the person I idolise most. Alex is my younger brother. He was born with cerebral palsy and autism, two heart-breaking diagnostics at first. Yet Alex remains, after years of hospital visits, operations, physiotherapy and one-to-ones, the happiest, most delightful human being I've ever come across. It outstands me every time I visit him how much he's progressed since being that tiny little baby in my arms.

B. Bastable.
Oh god where to begin. So I kind of have an awesome boyfriend, I'll try and keep this short as I'm sure thousands of future post will undoubtedly be about the brilliant specimen that is Lewis David Bastable. Lewis really is my own prince charming. I often find myself is awe of the luck I've come across in finding this guy.

C. Cardiff.
So, I'm a south-wales blogger, currently living in 'the valleys' near Cardiff. This is where me and Lewis began our adventures together, our first night out together, our first day out, our first official date. My eyes were opened to how beautiful the city really is. Previously my view of Cardiff was simply the city centre, my childhood consisted of spending hours on end in the Disney shop burning through the money in my dads wallet with my puppy dog eyes and piggy-tails. Cardiff met, is where I'm currently studying my education degree. I'm hoping to go on to do my PGCE (primary).

D. Disney.
I don't feel this one really needs justification. Disney is my life. I was practically raised by Disney films, Peter Pan is like a family to me, Mary Popping taught me to smile, The Princess and The Frog taught me to work hard, Aladdin taught me that money isn't everything, and 101 Dalmatians taught me that, well, I really like dogs.. I often find myself in the darkest of times retreating to my room to my childhood watching Disney, in the dark, with a cup of tea. I've actually convinced myself that I am indeed a Disney princess, I'm just still in the sad part of the film.

E. Elite days.
So, growing up I was big into the whole 'indie music' scene. I loved nothing more than local gigs, where you could sneak in a bottle of 'coke' that everyone knew was laced with vodka your friends mum had left in the kitchen unattended. With a fake tattoo on so that you 'look older' because all bouncers obviously understand that if you have a tattoo you are indeed 18, and you can go into the bar area. When I turned 18, and my and my 'super cool awesome indie friends' drifted apart, I really missed listening to the terrible Blink 182 covers and shitty 'originals'. Elite Days, gave my a little taste of this recently, they've just released their new album so have put on quite a few locus gigs, always drawing a great crowd. I'm socially obligated to enjoy their music as my boyfriend is the singer, songwriter and lead guitarist. They're better than a poke in the eye.

F. Fears.
My only fear is insanely irrational. I have this weird train of thought almost every time I saw goodbye to someone that it will be the last time I do so. It makes no sense at all, but I've always done it. As I child it would break my heart of my father went to the shop. I'd worry the entire time he was out that he wouldn't return. I don't think I ever allowed my mum to 'pop' to the local shop for a pint of milk. If I heard the front door close I'd run to the front window upstairs demanding that who ever was leaving would wait for me so I could go with them. Even now, literally every time I leave for university I convince myself Lewis won't be there when I get home. It's crazy and I know its crazy, but I guess I'm scared of saying goodbye.

So, there's just a few things about me to kick us off. Like I said I'm new to the whole 'being myself' thing. Hope I didn't put you to sleep. I'll get around to finishing the rest of on nights I have nothing to talk about.

Keep smiling, - Jemma With a J.

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