Thursday, 18 February 2016

What the heck to you keep in your pencil case?

So, being the anxious little brat that I am, I never leave home without anything. If there is a 1% chance that I'll need something, I'll take it. This constantly leads to the question "what the heck is in your pencil case"... actual pens and pencils take up a tiny portion of my pencil case, I'm particularly partial to a pink fountain pen...

My pencil case is in fact a body beauty bag. A gigantic Ted Baker tip-up case that pretty much takes up my entire bag. It contains a lot more than just pens and pencils. I'm going to go beyond the "bunch of crap" answer I always give and actually let you all know!

So my first mystery items come in a pair. Uni has been so stressful the last few weeks I've been bombarded with headache after headache. I get migraines all the time so every time I get a headache I start stressing I'm going to 'boff' in a lecture hall and start seeing stars. These are my little lifesavers, when painkillers alone don't do the trick I just slap both of these all over my head, and rub the freeze cream everywhere! Plus, running it up your scalp and into your hair causes a luscious 'I haven't washed it weeks' look for your roots! This is why headaches leave me looking like a hobo...

Next we have one of my magic tricks. I don't go ANYWHERE without my magic little bottle of life. I got given this for Christmas and for a week or two I was using it as hand moisturiser. (Major face-palm). So when I realised what it actually does I fell in love with it. It just gives your face a little wake up call. Whether that be because it's 6am and you cant fit in a real make-up regime, or if it's the middle of your day, and your need re-awakening. It's b-e-a-utiful!

So when I have a little extra time these little beauty's. The cover on the concealer paired with the dream matte mousse is great! It hides everything! I bought mine a few shades lighter than my skin and have also been using it as a highlighter! (Poor student problems) It also works great for defining your eyebrows! When your done, running the clear complexion powder over the top just gives you a fresh dusted look. It's like being a china doll... so.. these stay in my pencil case in-case I ever have an extra few minutes between lectures and get a little fed up of looking like something off the walking dead.

Now these are pretty self-explanatory. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a massive foodie! I also tend to be drawn to food that tend to stink. These are always at hand to try and tackle that problem! Like I said, I'm always prepared! Cheese and Onion Pringles? No problem! I would recommend a few students that still stink off last nights drinks...

How many time have you been sorting through your paper work and though "oh I wish I had a paperclip"... Yes yes I know, nor have I. Yet these have become a permanent  part of the colossal pencil case I lug around everyday! These little guys make digging through my pencil case sort of like a lucky dip!
THIS... this is heaven in a can. Literally. My hair is crazy thick, out of control frizzy and both physically and mentally challenging to tame. However, is you wizzzz this over your locks while your hair is drying it makes it manageable!.. Then, if you spray it again while you're straightening your hair you somehow get this sleek, smooth hair that's full of life! When my hair has been blown about by the window so much that it hurts to attempt to brush it its great to have this tiny can to hand!

So along with the highlighters, lipsticks and god knows what these are just some of the things that make doing up the zip on my 'pencil case' that little bit harder!!

Let me know if any of you are as crazy as I am ...

Stay awesome!

-Jemma with a J


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